How to Decorate a Clutch Evening Bag

How to Decorate a Clutch Evening Bag

Do you need a glitzy clutch evening bag to carry to a party? Don’t go out and buy a new one. Here’s how decorate a plain clutch bag and get it party ready.

Do you have a plain clutch evening bag that could use a little added style? Don’t be tempted to buy a new one when you can quickly and easily transform your plain clutch bag into a handcrafted work of art. With a little creativity, you can craft a handbag that will draw raves from your friends and compliments about your design talent. Here’s how to decorate a clutch evening bag:

Attach some semiprecious stone cabachons

Have you ever been to a high end boutique and seen the prices on purses that are decorated with stones? They can be astronomical. The good news is you don’t have to pay those prices. Simply take your purse down to your local bead store and spend an hour arranging semiprecious cabachons on the front of your purse. Once you find an arrangement you like, buy fabric glue and attach them to create your design. Most bead stores have a good selection of stone cabachons in a variety of shapes and colors which will give you a lot of creative freedom. If you don’t want to spend the money for semiprecious cabachons, glass ones will work as well.

Attach rhinestones

If you’ll be carrying your clutch bag to a ritzy event, you may want a glitzier purse. To add a touch of glitz, glue rhinestones in a pretty design on the front of your clutch bag. Rhinestones are easy to attach using glue. Be sure to select a glue that dries clear and is specifically made for fabric.

Attach an antique filigree

One way to instantly transform a purse and give it a vintage appeal is to attach an antique brass filigree to the front. If you can’t find a true antique filigree, buy a filigree from your local craft store. While you’re there, pick up a bottle of antiquing solution and darken the metal yourself. Once you’ve given the filigree an antique look, use hot glue to attach it to your purse. You can use several filigrees to create a design if you prefer. Remember, it’s your own unique work of art.

Paint on your bag

If you have a bit of artistic talent, get some fabric paints and freehand your own design on the front of the bag. If your art talented is limited, buy stencils at your craft store to make you an instant artist.

Decorating a clutch evening bag is a great way to bring out your inner creativity as well as give you a fun new purse to carry to your next evening function.

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