Three Hot Sellers at Church Bazaars and Craft Fairs

Three Hot Sellers at Church Bazaars and Craft Fairs

Are you looking for a way to make some extra money? Try selling some of these hot sellers at your next church bazaar.

Whether you have the entrepreneurial spirit or just want to raise money for a favorite cause, church bazaars can be a great place to bring in some extra cash. You can find out about church bazaars scheduled in your area by calling local churches and networking with crafters in your area. You can usually rent a table to sell at one of these events for a very reasonable price and, if you’re lucky, walk away at the end of the day with some cash in your pocket. Need some inspiration for items that sell well at these events? Here are some good items to sell at church bazaars.

Pine Cone Fire Starters

These are fast sellers in the late fall and winter and are quick and inexpensive to make. Basically, you collect pine cones or buy them inexpensively at your local craft store. You would then melt paraffin wax or old candles in a double broiler and dip the pine cones in the wax to give them color. You can also add scent to make them even more appealing. You can find complete instructions for making pine cone fire starters on the internet by doing a Google search. Once you’ve made the firestarters, turn them into fast sellers by arranging them attractively in small rustic looking baskets with ribbons. Offer a “buy three get one free” deal and watch them fly off the table.

Beaded Earrings

It’s so simple to make dangle earrings using beads. You basically use headpins to hold the beads, form a loop at the top of the pin for hanging, and attach the dangle to a pre-made earwire. The only supplies you need are headpins, ear wires, round nose pliers, and wire cutters, all of which are available at your local craft or bead store. The mark-up on handmade beaded earrings can be huge if they’re eye catching and unique. It can cost you as little as a dollar to make a pair of earrings that can be sold for seven to ten dollars or more at a church bazaar. To have the best chance of selling out, purchase the beads to make your earrings from a bead store since they’re likely to be of higher quality and more unique than those from a craft store.


These are inexpensive, quick sellers. Bookmarks can be easily made out of pretty handmade paper and laminated to make them professional looking and long lasting. Once they’re laminated, punch a hole using a hole puncher and add a decorative tassel. You can print Bible verses on the bookmark, your own poems, or interesting quotes or famous sayings. For a pretty touch, paste on a pressed flower or other decoration before laminating.  

Not only can you earn extra money selling at church bazaars, you’ll get lots of good feedback about your craft work and maybe even make some new friends.

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mrs julia marshall, posted this comment on Mar 6th, 2009

i am trying to raise money for 3 children to go away to hospitals and we are doing it through a school this starts middle of april. we are intersted in your items.. do you think you can send me a pamflet or info to me please
blk3 apt 13
orange hole rd
st davids
bermuda dd02

we do use a zip x to get our items from usa

j marshall

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